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Aurora Power

Popular teen model Aurora Shantel knows very well of the problems
young people have when they dont get financial help
 because they are not taken seriously

She told Model Power "I think the system has failed America's young people  because I remember when Iwas 15 I needed money but they wont give anyone under 16 a job.
ppl complain about teens stealing and makin money with drugs but this is often the only way they can make money

Project Drumstick is a call for churches, youth groups, individuals

and businesses to help collect desperately needed all non-perishable canned goods.

From migrant workers in Florida to welfare moms in Boston to public housing tenants in Chicago to downsized workers in Ohio to workfare workers in California, poor people have all joined together to fight an escalating war against poverty in our wealthy nation.

Grant to help poor get off streets
Miami-Dade County will use more than $15 million in federal money to fund
homeless services and build dozens of new units to provide permanent housing.

Aurora was born on July 5 . 1988