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Sara good friend to all


Energetic  model , Sara is anxious  that teens
not succumb to  devastating eating disorders,
such as Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia.

Sara page 2


Hi There, My Name is Sara Brown,

 I am 17 and anorexic,

I have been fighting it for almost 4 years now,

I would have to say it started like right before N and I broke up,

I went out with him for 4.5 years and he wasn' t the best boyfriend in the world,

He would always call me fat and it was horrible I was like 4'10 and I was barely 75 pounds,

But I have always been Tiny, at birth I was 3lbs 2oz!!! So I have always been small...



I would say it started getting worse once I turned 15,

It was during the summer, I was like 5'0" and like 75 pounds.

It was scary I didnt know how to handle it,

 I found my friend T , he told me to tell my parents

For the longest time I was so scared to .

I got worse as the weeks went by getting smaller

and not even eating for like 3 days straight, and I looked horrible,

I am the person who worries about how I look and how other people see me

so I thought I was fat

and not beautiful enough for anyone,

but after about a month of lying and hurting everyone I broke down and told my parents,

they didn't believe me at first,

But they realized that I was so skinny, I wore baggy clothes so they couldn't tell.

After a while they FORCED me to start eating, that didnt even work,

so they tried their best to keep me happy and satisfied with my body,

and nothing was working,

I always confided in my boyfriend .

Then during the summer I got worse, I went like a week without eating anything,

finally in August of 2003 I got help!

It didnt last long though because I'm back to the same thing

But a Dr put me on medicine to help me eat... So everything is looking good so far...

Every now and then it gets bad and I dont feel satisfied with my Body ,

But everyone around me makes me feel so good about my self,

and I mean I joke around with my dad

But he does not know when to stop so it does hurt at times,

but I have to realize that he does not mean it


My dog Boo helps me out a lot he does not care how I look

or anything he loves me and for me

I still worry about how I look and how other people see me

But I guess that is just part of how I am


Sara  invites teens and others wanting to learn more to  visit these   websites


EATING DISORDERS COALITION congressional briefing

When Food is the Enemy book for grades 4 -10

Warning signs of eating disorders

Various books on Anorexia and Bulimia

Lena Zavaroni 1963 -1999 good links on this singer's site,

Meanwhile Sara's modelling pages are in the footer


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