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Anja volunteer health and community worker

born Aug 26
 is an active community worker,
 and popular teen model
A special cause of Anja's is Meals on Wheels ,

she invites her fans to support their local meals on wheels provider,

particularly on National Meals on Wheels Day

which is celebrated every year

on the first Wednesday in September.

In 2004 ,it will be September 1



Anja will be posting a special message

 for her fans here shortly, in the meantime,

please consider visiting  Anja's Web Site Today

Anja regularly updates her Yahoo Group for her fans

Anja the Community Worker

takes Meals on Wheels to needy people

in her community.

 This is an activity she does for her local council ,

in a 2 person team, because Anja does not yet drive a car.


Anja also  participates in training with St Johns Ambulance ,

where she has achieved great distinction 

having received, the Cadet of the Year award,

200 hours Community Service,  

 and several other awards and badges.

                      "Working as a St John's volunteer at the Olympic Games in 2000,

                           was  really a memorable experience" Anja told Model Power.


Literary Anja

Anja is an accomplished writer

Read some of her craft at

To hear Anja read her stories live
 is a special treat for her fans.
Anja would appreciate it if her fans might visit
her Wish List to browse the list of books
she would like to add to her personal library.
Model Power invites Anja to visit the




Career Aspirations 

Anja would  like to study medicine,

and take up a position working in conjunction

with the Police Force or maybe in paediatric medicine




Anja adores her 2 house cats,
Patchy pictured above
and Salem a red short-haired tabby,
at the bottom of the page
Reading, writing, and web/graphic design, is also
an enjoyable pastime for her

Anja has had a number of websites over the past 7 years.

Her other Interests include:

Role Playing Games, Anime,

Camping, and being outdoors.



Anja's main site

Writing by Anja Francina

Elfwood writings by Anja

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