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Shantel advocate for young people

Popular teen , Aurora Shantel knows very well of the problems
young people have when they dont get financial help
 because they are not taken seriously
"I think the system has failed America's young people" she told Model Power

As a   15 year old I have needed money , 
but it is hard for anyone under 16 to get a job.
Ppl complain about teens stealing
and making money with drugs,
 but this is often the only way they can make money,
said Aurora,adding that there is nowhere for a young person
 to go for immediate financial help.
Perhaps there is a need for a no-interest lending agency
to provide emergency relief.
There are many places to go to for help
 with poverty campaigns
 including the ones listed on this page,
but none of these are especially designed for youth.
Aurora supports urgent and far reaching reforms
 to the social security system,
so that the people who need help receive it.

Some Causes that Aurora might  like
 to be involved in include:

Project Drumstick

which is a call for churches,

youth groups, individuals

and businesses

to help collect desperately needed 

non-perishable canned goods.


The War against Poverty

Migrant workers in Florida to welfare moms in Boston

Public housing tenants in Chicago to downsized workers in Ohio

 Workfare workers in California and poor people everywhere have  joined together to fight an escalating war against poverty in our wealthy nation.


Homeless Services

Grant provided to help poor

get off streets of

Miami-Dade County

More than $15 million in federal money

 has been made available to fund homeless services

 and build dozens of new units

 to provide permanent housing.

Aurora was born on July 5 . 1988


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Aurora's Store maybe reopened here soon

 Credit Card facilities expected to be available

or money order s and personal checks maybe sent to:


Youth Related Financial Services and Help

Habitat for Humanity International is a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian housing organization ... 
building simple, decent, affordable housing

The Salvation Army

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for a Rainy Day Bills happen. Debt happens. ... Emergency Relief External Links ...