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Brittany supports a drug free high

Brittany is concerned that
many young girls think it is cool to smoke.
She told Model Power that "smoking is not cool at all
it makes your teeth all nasty
makes you smell bad and makes you look really stupid"
It is possible to be cool without turning to 
alcohol, cigarettes or drugs for an unnatural high.


Brittany is interested in  Australia's National Rock Eisteddfod ,
now in it's  25th year.
The Eisteddfod  is the nation's number one youth cultural event ,
having started in Sydney as a radio promotion in 1980.
 Students are given an opportunity  to be involved
in putting on a musical production
competing with other schools in the country
as a drug awareness education programme.
Students from any level of school  are eligible to participate,
with primary school participation being included for the first time in 2004.
The Global Rock Challenge has already been staged in 50 locations
including New Zealand,Germany and the United States.This year
 Russia , South Africa and Canada are expected to be joining .
The National Rock Challenge is supported by
Federal and State Health Authorities 
Other Rock Challenge pages
         Buddy School Programmes   

Model Power invites Brittany and her friends
to visit  these sites and groups .
including  of how tobacco use in the young population
has increased throughout the 1990s,
 particularly amongst young women
and for information on the use of child labour in the tobacco industry
More information  on Child Labour at Alexandra Power


About Brittany English
Brittany likes the colours Purple, Red and Black
and loves listening to latest pop groups when she can..
as well as  practising  her guitar chords.
You can send Brittany a birthday greeting
 for November 24, as she loves to hear from her fans.


Yahoo Groups Brittany recommends


providing support for teens wanting to quit smoking

or take action against smoking

Brittany's  Yahoo Group

Brittany's Non Yahoo Fan Club

My Brit Group  created with permission by a loyal fan




Brittany's Portfolio pages and groups

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