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Alexa friend of the poor and the homeless

Teen Model Alexa born May 6 1990


Alexa and her family really continue the spirit of the holidays
 into each day,as they try to make the lives of the poor,
just a little bit better
and their community a  livable and interesting place to be.
They enjoy being involved with the organising
of special fundraising functions and activities.
Alexa also spends hours volunteering at a homeless shelter ,
a local senior center and the usual after school meetings and clubs

Alexa and her parents,know of the struggle to survive.

The stretching of food and the paypacket.
it is from these personal experiences,come the determination
to help others

Alexa told her group members in December

that" It's really sad seeing all those poor people we feed. "

Alexa might like to visit Christmas Causes

to find other worthy causes worthy of support.

including the Family Giving Tree

in California which in it's 13 years

of operation has provided gifts for 50,000 youngsters


A night out for Alexa
might include a Mexican meal
at a favourite restaurant

Alexa likes to spend time at home
 with her parents,
when not doing her community work.
Part of her home life includes:
 caring for her fish,
having a quiet read
or making beaded jewellery


Alexa likes to rollerblade
around her neighborhood.
Sometimes she takes along a camera,
so she can pursue her
 passion for photography.

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