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Terry urges support for Royal Children's Hospital



Terry's Friends

Terry's Interests actively supporting causes

Terry,born March 29,1955 is dedicated to making the world he shares with others
a better place to live in,whether this be from a global perspective,
or in in his own neighbourhood.
To think locally,act globally is the way Terry lives each day.



About Terry

As an 18 month old baby, I  went into a coma while in Melbourne

Mum was not home, my sister came to gate to tell mum when she got home

Dad had looked in on me saw I was sleeping peacefully and left me alone

After a rushed trip in neighbour's truck to a doctor's was allowed home

The doctor followed up with a home visit and then referred me back to the Royal Children's Hospital where I was admitted.

I am thankful that the medical services provided by "The Royal"  were there then and ask that Model Power visitors support the Royal Children Hospital's  Good Friday Appeal.

The Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne is the largest Paediatric Hospital in the Southern Hemisphere

  • and are internationally recognised for their work on ethical and legal aspects of newborn care, especially the use of high technology.
  • they  developed a video EEG monitoring system, which is now used internationally and has been integrated with the best epilepsy surgical program in Australia.

Currently the RCH is conducting a landmark longitudinal study of childhood asthma into adulthood.To donate to their work go direct to the Good Friday appeal page










Blinky Bill joins with many other Australian Celebrities,community groups and individuals in supporting Melbourne,Royal Children Hospital Good Friday Apeal telethon.
Find out how to donate by clicking Blinky as he does an acrobat roll for you,
either on the day or throughout the year.
You can even play a game with Blinky.


One of the proudest moments in my life was in 2000,
running with the Olympic Flame
through my local shopping centre

Recently I , as Webmaster for this site
 was interviewed by a model,
 so that the man behind Model Power
could be put under the spotlight
in the same way as the
models on Model Power are.
See Terry's Interests for the result of that interview: