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Terry's Interests actively supporting causes


Terry's position in the model community,
is not as a photographer, nor in any way a professional in the industry.
He said that as a Webmaster and owner of many Yahoo Groups, "I consider that
there is an opportunity to assist in just a small way with the promotion of the careers of aspiring models.

Models who have spoken with Terry agree  he is supportive,a good friend

and someone they can be comfortable with."I am honoured to be able to call each one of them my friend,

and invite you to visit their sites and groups from my friends page" , said Terry


Terry is:
 community minded
and regularly does volunteer work.
He is a feminist,
with a respect for human rights
a political activist
and an environmentalist
supportive of others
a leader,not a follower
Some might consider he has
an unusual sense of humour,
easily misunderstood
On the negative side,
he can be,impulsive or impatient,
eager to start new projects


Some of Terry's 
Tree Planting Projects
Waterway Management
Weed Control
Litter Clean Ups
Recycling Collections
Human Rights Campaigns
Civic Improvement



Terry on The Web


Litter and Recycling Activists  a Yahoo Group

 for  people who do not like our streets and public spaces

 fouled by waste material

and valuable resources wasted by not recycling.

Launceston Files Yahoo Group

 Discussing  the old and new ways

of managing cities and communities

Working  for Local Government Reform

City of Launceston Online

Terry's Web Portal

Clean Up Launceston Environment and Recycling Services

Terry visits the

 Official Launceston City Council web site regularly