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Protecting the Children


The cause of Child Abuse is a very special one
Verbal Abuse,can be just as hurting
as physical or sexual abuse.
Victims often have to cope with the abuse on their own,
Children in this  situation
might like to seek help from these support groups:
online counselling,phone or email
useful information sheets available to download

Experiencing  sad losses  from a
Domestic Violence Incident ,
Street Crime or Motor Vehicle Accident
can be especially traumatic
for family and friends of the deceased.
The pain  is particularly bad on children.
The Child Survivors have to  live with just a memory.
Model Power recommends to children affected by violence 
or have lost  loved  ones so tragically  these organisations,
for comfort and support.


an American site that offers the opportunity to interact with others who are grieving, and to create a memorial site for your loved ones who have died


Power Words  
The ones closest to you are
the ones that hurt you the most
The Sweetest guys are the ones
 that treat their girls with respect.