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Hallie sportswoman and animal lover

Hallie meets in her chatroom to  talk online with her fans
each Sunday Morning at 11am, Australian Eastern Time
or Saturdays  at  7pm Eastern USA time.
Come get to know Hallie better,
more information on how to join on her website
and in her Yahoo Group


Teen  Model Hallie from Australia
was born on April 23
and is the youngest of 3 children in her family.
She loves competitive and non competitive sport.
When not on the sportsground,
Hallie loves chatting to her online and offline friends ,

  She places great store in building true friendships.

A very important and fun activity for Hallie is updating

her Yahoo Group and answering the messages from her fans



Hallie particularly likes playing basketball.
As one of the best players,in her  team,
the entire team were recently united in their support for her
when she sustained an injury to her hand.
They insisted she would be playing,
regardless , as the team needed her skills.
Hallie was named best player in 2003,
and will definitely be trying out for the team in 2004.
Hallie believes it is important that girls be active in sport.



Taking part in non competitive,non team sport  is also fun for Hallie.

She does not really mind what sport it is.

A fun pastime for her is being with friends,

skateboarding  or putting on the rollerskates

   Modelpower suggests that,with the opening of the Formula One Racing Season ,

in Australia ,perhaps Hallie might be interested in

  providing some support to the Australian driver, Mark Webber.

Mark is featured on Model Power's companion site Star Power

Meanwhile one of Hallie's best friends is Anja pictured above.

Anja is also featured on Model Power.

To go to Anja's site click the picture above.

 Hallie is also musical
and a lover  of animals.

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