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Sara Power for the Tigers



Energetic teen model , Sara is a lover of animals.
She really loves her  puppy "Dakota"

Sara was born on September  10 . 1986


Sara wants to help the world's threatened species,
especially the White Bengal Tigers
that are threatened because of  the impacts of urban development.
 ,loss of habitat and relentless poaching
In  the USA today,there are only between 30-90 white tigers

Worldwide there are  about 200 white tigers left.

They are also rare because the 2

mating tigers need to share the same gene for white colouring.

At the beginning of the last century,

there were an estimated 100,000 tigers in the wild.

Today, possibly fewer than 5000 remain,

making them one of our most endangered species.



Sara told Model Power that she is also a people person
"Any way I can help people  I am happy to do what I can"
Sara is always willing to make new friends and talk to people
or be a peacemaker in conflicts.
Part of this includes being a student ambassador  and
showing other people our culture.
and learning about their's 
in the hope of  bringing peace with the cultural exchange.

Sara might also be interested in visiting these  non-profit organizations or websites

dedicated to the preservation of the endangered Royal White Bengal tigers

  including Model Power's companion page         Saving Animals


White Cranes.Org

White Tigers.Org


More about Sara

Sara's Favourite Colour is pink.

Sara's Web Site



Sara  has a great love
of cooking, having made special meals
 for her family since age 7
She would like to be a chef
and own her own restaurant.
It is a great thrill for her
when she is able to visit 
restaurant kitchens of
master chefs.
A site  Sara would probably enjoy
visiting is The Culinary Hotel
celebrating and showcasing Tasmania's
rich culinary history from the early 1800s to now.
The website is part of a special
Bi - Centenary Touring Exhibition
 in 2004.


Sara's Modeling Pages