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Navy Power

Supporting  The Navy

Naval Forces serving overseas, are essential in maintaining the peace,
protection of borders and keeping trade routes open.
It can be a lonely life for the men and women of the world's navies,
spending a long time away from their friends and families.
Modern Naval Vessels are well appointed, and spacious,
but still the space for individual sailors is limitted.
 Their lives can be brightened through 
"adopt a sailor buddy" programmes,
whereby people at home can write to the sailors
as  penpals to let them,know that they are remembered. 
 People wishing to adopt sailors
as buddies from Spain , Australia or the United Kingdom
visit Naomi Power , for the links.
or to provide other support to the troops,

Some Suggestions on how else you might
be able to help a Soldier in Iraq is available here

What time is it in your adopted soldier's home state?
Check current times here


Model Power plus

Tori invites you to visit some of the other models
she knows in the Galley Girls Community.


Lil Naomi at MSN