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Hallie the Animal Lover


Hallie loves wildlife
Especially the Big Cats
Swans and Dolphins


Information on Dolphins,Whales and Porpoises
to be used for environmental education available
by rubbing the dolphin's nose


Let the Swan take you to Lake Erie
to learn about  environmental education programmes,
aimed at maintaining the continued health of the lake,
so that the swans can continue to swim and breed in the area


Hallie would like to share with you here



A good place for Hallie to visit
to learn about big predatory cats

Help Preserve Nature. One click at a time

Hallie and her friends might like to click
on the lion's picture  to go to a jigsaw puzzle of it,
while on that site they can send an ecard
or take other actions to help the animals.
There are even free Ecology Fund
Email Addresses  available


Model Power recommends to Hallie
a visit to the website , African Experience
one of the leading private research and breeding facilities
for endangered species in South Africa .
They are involved in many activities including,
conservation programmes, and  offering opportunities
for volunteers  to care for orphaned animals.

Hallie Power