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Alexandra's Doves


One day a dove flew into Alexandra's Gymnastic class .
and would not leave . it could not stay at the  school,
so it ended up at home with Alexandra,who named her Georgia.




It was soon realized that there had to be a  search for a mate
Alexandra approached the pet shops , who in turn posted a message in their store,
as well as  searching far and wide .
After a 3 yr search,the pet shop called Alexandra
 to say they have a mate for her dove,
so she went with her mum to pick up the  male to take home to meet Georgia.

The  family named him  Schroeder,
unfortunately Georgia didn't accept the newcomer,
so they had to put him in the other cage!

It seemed that Alexandra  would have to go  back to the store
to return the dove and get a male.


Even though Schroeder was put in the carrier to take back ,
Alexandra  knew she could not do it,
none of the family had the heart to get rid of Schroeder 
so now they have a couple living next to the spinster, Georgia .
Georgia used to coo all the time but there is lots of silence now ,
the couple are just friends ,
 the female refuses to use the nest and just drops her eggs.
Recently  the male and Georgia have been seen eyeing each other
 from their cages..

Alexandra thinks it  might just be possible to introduce him
to poor Georgia now who is forever sitting on unfertilized eggs
with tender loving care.
Georgia reminds Alexandra of Jemima , from Beatrix Potter
who was a wondering duck that was too impatient to sit on her eggs,
 Jemina would sit a long time on her eggs  but they never hatched,
she couldn't understand why and kept trying.

Alexandra thinks that, maybe Schroeder ought to be renamed Jemima :-)

Other animals Alexandra loves in their household include:
a Gerbil and a  Leopard Gecko ,





and of course her Pomeranian named Coco , and a Sheep dog called Bijou.


Alexandra also adored the  Hermit Crab and  Iguana, who used to be  in the family


More Critters that Alexandra and her friends might enjoy looking at on the Lambert Family web site.


The latest addition to the animals
that live with Alexandra and her family
 is a Columbian Horn Toad,
like this one pictured here
from the Humboldt  State University


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