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My Friendship with Eli - to my sweet Eli........

"God gave us Dreams,
but it is our job to make them come true"


Many have a fondness for Eli , a teen determined to become a model and an actress.

The only purpose of this page is to keep Eli's beautiful nature fresh in our thoughts,a place to visit and remember the good feeling she gave us,when she engaged us in her chats.

Eli has always been aware of my plans to develop this friendship page for her.



A couple of beautiful thoughts Eli uttered.

"There's an Angel present,

and the only person standing next to me is

This one as "Uncle Steve" a persona,

Eli adopted for personal reasons,

at times

As I assemble this tribute page a sadness envelops me,
because I do not know where Eli is.
I wish she were able to send me an email or buzz me on
Extended Chatroom sessions with her friends,
were a favourite part of her life.
Eli had a wonderful sense of humour.
People ask me all the time about Eli!!!!!
They ask:
 Where is Eli?
What happened to Eli?
Who is Eli?
How can I answer them?
I knew Eli from a chance meeting in another model's  chatroom.
My impression at that time,was that others knew her better than me,
even had met her in person.
Subsequent chats have suggested that this was not the case.
Maybe,just maybe through some interviews I conducted with her,
I might have become one of the closest to her.
Do not know why this might have been the case,
maybe because, I am on another continent,she felt safer.
Will I ever know?

Eli an enigma , a dreamer , a compassionate teen

Eli is the moon in the night sky,
and all of us are stars protecting her

There's an Angel present,.

Angry Angel  
                                                      Broken Wings  
                                                      Why do you always haunt my dreams? 
                                                      Feel from heaven  
                                                      Rose from hell  
                                                      Put me under your magic spell 
                                                      Fallen Angel  
                                                                             Angry Face  Disappear without a trace 
                                                                                     To hear you laugh
                                                                                     To see you smile  
                                                                             I would walk a thousand miles  
                                                                                     Beautiful Angel  
                                                                             I can't help the way I stare  
                                                                                  Captivation Voice  
                                                                        When you speak I hear my heart rejoice 
                                                                                     Perfect Angel 
                                                                    Pure, Devine  It hurts because, you can't be mind 

The above is a poem Eli  read to us in Chat

What others have said about my friend Eli

Eli is filled with talent , but leaves plenty of room for charm ,
an angelic personality, sweet voice and delightful sense of humour.
As I've told her , if I had a daughter of my own ,
I'd want her to be exactly like Eli.
In so short a time, we have bonded in many ways ,
becoming close friends.
Eli is a sweet friend and will be a TOTAL success in
anything she puts her mind to.
And if I were 30 years younger WOW!