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Alexandra Power


Alexandra is a talented actor,
musician, and model.
At School she plays lead guitar in their guitar ensemble.
Recently the ensemble competed successfully by invitation
at the Fiest ival in Toronto .
Alexandra has a love of animals ,
that she shares with other members of the family
Learn more of the Animals in their household which include:
Doves,a Gerbil ,a Leopard Gecko
plus a Pomeranian named Coco and a Sheep dog called Bijou.
by visiting Alexandra's Doves .
There has also been a Hermit Crab and an Iguana.
Alexandra and her siblings have  enjoyed the marine environment 
from a very young age,especially the Whales and Dolphins.

Alexandra was born on   August 1 1988


Alexandra is concerned for the impacts on marine animals and habitat
 from the over development and non sustainable use of coastal lands.
A special passion for Alexandra is working to raise awareness
of scientific testing on animals.


Alexandra told Model Power that she opposes scientific testing 

of products on the animals.

Some sites dedicated to the preservation of the marine environments 

 including Model Power's companion page         Saving Animals





PETA believes that animals deserve the most basic rights and that they are not ours to use for food, clothing, entertainment,  experimentation, or for any other reason.



Alexandra is concerned for the marine animals,

whose existence is threatened

by the destruction of their habitat

by large developments onshore

More Information on Alexandra Ocean Power




Alexandra  is an active teen.
with a keen interest in her gymnastic classes,
playing soccer, and
participating in a cheerleading team.
She especially adores her dog , "Coco" seen below
named in honour of  Coco Chanel



Alexandra's Modeling Pages

Alexandra's One Talent Source portfolio