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Allowing models to help causes dear to their hearts

The protection of children and internet safety
is a very important issue
A very special page featuring this issue

Naomi  is a patriotic American
and Friend of the Troops serving away from home,
their families and friends.


With the success of
 to support the Soldiers  serving away from
their homes,there has been some interest
in expanding the pages to include :
the Navy men and women
the Air Forces
and the Marines

Model Power invites serving members of the forces
 to make contact,if they would like their unit to be featured.
Also any models wishing to support any of the defence arms,
just get in touch to discuss a page for you

Brittany recognizes  that smoking is not cool
and urges young girls in particular to not smoke,
read more about no smoking, no drug ,no alcohol initiatives


who likes  being with her friends,
listening to music
and has a love for animals


 is keen to support environmental and human rights causes
especially the protection of working conditions in the fashion industry
more at Alexandra's Worker Power .
Alexandra invites you to visit her Ocean Power  page for the  Whales
and Coastal Environments.


Model Power welcomes enquiries from any model or actor
wishing to be  featured on this site.
Inclusion on the site,does not imply endorsement by you
of any other statement or opinion expressed within the site.

who are at risk of anorexia and eating disorders.
and to campaign
for the protection and preservation
of the threatened white tiger


See Anja Power
for information on a
keen community worker,
talented writer and beautiful teen


Alexa Power

 is about restoring dignity

to the homeless and the poor


 Aurora Power. featuring
 Shantel who is concerned
about youth poverty